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IRAQ IS DESTROYED. Mission accomplished!

It goes without saying that today's Iraq is far worse than Iraq of Saddam.
Aside from bombings aginast American occupying forces, there is a lot
of revenge killing. Robert Fisk has witnessed the carnage first hand. According to Geneva conventions, an occupying force is responsible for the well being of the people of the country it is occupying. Today US is effectively occupying Iraq. The fictitious hand over of sovereignty could have been a manouver to escape the responsibilities of an occupying force.

Today more than 100,000 iraqis lay dead and countless of them injured and left disabled
and disfigured. The US and UK governments and by extension their people are responsible for the carnage in Iraq.

If the mission was to destroy an oil-rich middle eastern country to inject american bases and troops at the heart of the middle east, then Mission accomplished.

Iraq lays in ruin. 9000 years of history is vanished.

Somewhere in Iraq, somebody's son is dead, somebody's father is missing, somebody's borther is beheaded. Human beings continue to die.

When George Bush was asked why he has spent two hours biking, he said:
"I have to get on with my life!"

So do the 25 million iraqis, so did the tens of thousands of the dead.
But thanks to GW's imperial ambitions, they will never get to get on with their lives.

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Hydra گفت...

if american and british people are by extension responsible for the situation in iraq, then you are by deduction responsible too. i assume you live in the u.s. and pay taxes... am i wrong?

paymane گفت...

no you are right! I am respondible too. but I m trying to do something about it. I am trying to find my voice to speak out and I will do more, I will protest!

Hydra گفت...

Nuh, I got a better idea. Don't pay taxes! ha ha

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