چهارشنبه، بهمن ۲۵، ۱۳۸۵

If you want a WAR, Then you will get one.

Dick Cheaney and his AEI co-horts have their bellies filled from Iraqi blood.
Blood is dripping from their fingers as they sit down to talk about tomorrows feast.

the flesh of Iraqi children is on the BBQ to be roasted.

Their safes full of green and their mouthes full of red.

They grin as they watch the carnage that Iraq is, with exuberant satisfaction.
As Henry Kissinger said, "Let them kill each other"

Murder and Mayham, is their specialty.

Now with their mouthes watering they are looking at Iran. More blood and more bloodshed.

Do you want a WAR, My WOLFowitz, Mr. "Bomb Iran" Mr. Mustash,
Mr "45 Minutes" D o y o u w a n t a w a r ?

YOU WILL GET A WAR. But beware, this time you might get drowned in blood.
Do you know how to swim specially when blood gets sticky.

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