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Geometry, Universe and Other Related Stories.

A Model of Universe that is purely geometrical, is bound to be purely deterministic. That is because, If every "thing" is supposed to be modeled after a feature of spacetime, then it necessarily follows that, such feature is already an inse...parable part of spacetime continuum and therefore such a model is purely deterministic.
If an event that at the current time is believed to have a chance of happening, happens at a later time, then that event has always been a part of space time continuum, and its occurrence has always been certain. That certainty has not been part of our knowledge, but that is because we are truly three dimensional systems, bound to constantly move in the fourth dimension without having any choice as to whether or not our fourth coordinate changes or as to what direction or with what rate it should change.
Therefore it follows that any model of universe that is purely geometrical must include a mechanism for the continues and global change of fourth coordinate.

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