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The Ravings of a Lunatic, Episode II, Year 2205

You have to forgive me! I didn't get much sleep
last night, I am on sping break.
I'd like to make some predictions about Year 2205
this is if there is still a planet earth which is inhabitable for human beings around that time.
I think in the year 2205, money will not exist, you can walk into
any "store" and take any thing you want, all you have to do
is to register and for non-parishable items, you should say if you want
to "own" it or you plan to return it for somebody else's use at such a date.
there is "owenership" by the virtue of a social contaract. If someone wants to own more than a certain amount, (agreed by a 75 per cent majority) he has to do some unpleasant amount of work, like working at the waste disposal place. The rest of the unpleasantness is taken care of by programmable robots.
Since there is "ownership" there will be thieves and murderers. After due process, They will be sent to an island which is also a place to dump nuclear waste.
People marry at 16 and die of natural causes at around 60.
That's because human beings by then will discover that it is futile to
prevent death and their effort is focused on improving
the quality of life. Ah there is plenty of pain killer around with
little or no side effect. So overall I predict that life will be good on 2205.

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