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Back to Iran!

Whatever you think about Iran, the election or any thing that has happened, you must agree overthrow of a regime through foreign sabotage is illegal. The Nuremberg tribunal described the act of initiation of war as the supreme international crime from which every other crime will follow.
Aside from that, The idea that a foreign government acts in any thing but its own interests, is absurd and certainly without historical precedence.

Scott Ritter has been talking about the war that the United States of America is conducting against the government of Iran.

The armed forces of the United States of America have repeatedly invaded Iranian air space.
The US does not allow any aircraft to get even close to its airspace. Have these acts been perpetrated against the US, the country that flights were originated from would have been incinerated by now.

The United States is pursuing a policy which could throw the entire middle east AND central Asia into an inferno of instability. If this policy succeeds millions of innocent people will suffer.
It is the responsiblity of any decent human being to prevent this from happening.

Whoever is in charge of Iran's security and territorial integrity (presumably the people of Iran, but represented by the government of Islamic Republic ) MUST issue a stern warning to all neighboring countries that if any country allows its territory to be used to mount a military operation against our country, Such country has, in effect, declared war on us.

They must use backdoor diplomacy to inform Americans that Iran will not stay quiet if and when a military campaign is waged against her. They must tell them that if Iran can't sell oil to
provide for its citizens, then no other country in the middle east and central Asia should be able to do so. That we reserve the right to target and destroy any and all potential sites that could be used to mount military operation.

For some reason Iranians are very quiet. I for one don't understand that while the danger is real and perhaps imminent, why official authorities who are in charge of the defense and the national security of the Iranian motherland aren't making any noise about it.

Whatever happens I am sure that If Iran is attacked, Iran will be defended. Iranians have not forgotten the 1953 CIA backed coup-det-tat. They haven't forgotten the generosity of Americans toward the butcher of Baghdad. They are not born yesterday. Persians have been around two millenia or three, depending on how you look at it. They know no one cares if their sons and daughters languish in prisons, or if they starve to death. Certainly no one in Pentagon or White house.

I just hope Iranian officials make it very clear to their american counterparts that they will make sure any military offensive against our motherland is going to be very very costly. Not only for the US but for Europe, the middle east, the cental asian countries and by extension to the world.

Aside from that there is nothing I can do!

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