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Life is not meaningless!!

When you come of age, sometimes you ask yourself what is the meaning of my life?
Millions of people have tried to answer this question. The presumption is always that
there is a unique meaning for the human life on earth.

There has been a few years that I have found a new answer to this very old question.

Life in and out of itself has no meaning. Life for us human beings, is a time we
spend. It is a time duration, it begins not at birth, but at the moment that we
realize we have choices and those choices have consequences.
It ends when we don't have any more choices.

So the question is what should a human being spend his life on? Of course part of our lives is spent trying to sustain that very life. But even in that part, we have choices to make.

The real question should be why are we given this opportunity ? What are we supposed to do with it?

Now for a moment assume we know that we are here on this planet to accomplish a certain mission.

If we refuse to commit ourselves to carrying out our mission, then our lives become pointless. It is a pretty straithforward concept. If I give you a book and you don't read it. Then existence of that book in your bookself is meaningless. The book is there to be read. If it is not read, it is there for no reason and so its mere existence is meaningless.

So it is of utmost importance that we as indivisual human beings recognize our mission and is also important that we make our choices so that we take all the steps neccessary to accomplishing our mission.

Let's view life as a vast desert with one road on it. The road is not paved or marked, but it nevertheless exists and there are signs which can help us find it.

We must find this road and take it. Then life has a destination and therefore has a meaning. Our mission then is to find the road and take it and don't get off that road until we arrive at our destination.

Now the problem is we don't know where the road is and we don't know where is it supposed to take us to. Assuming there is such a road.

What can help us? Philosophy, Science, Religion, just our collective minds.

I believe religion in general has provided some answers. But the lessons have been
so much covered in abuse and misuse of the terms, that the entire enterprise has turned into a very dark and vague and at times malicious and confusing complex.

I believe the road is supposed to take us to a higher level of being.

What is the highest level of being ?

I believe the highest level of conscience and willful being is a being that
is perfect and infinite.

This being we call God.

All aware, all encompasing, all powerful, all knowlegeable, all ...

All the positive attributes that we come to like and appreciate he has.

I believe we want to be God. And therefore the guiding light is on.
Go toward the perfection.

But we won't be able to do that, if don't destroy or fix the imperfections.
that's where the road comes in.

Every one has a road in front of him orher. This road is specifically tailored to his/her abilities and is intended to take this one man/woman to the destination.

We can refuse to take the road, in that case we will just be alive, but our lives
will have no meaning. We have then made a decision not to live a meaningful life,
and it's no body's fault.

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Fatema گفت...

you described it so nice,
i'm going to find my road, its what has always frigtened me: living a meaningless life...

me گفت...

I have always believed in having a mission for every individual, but I could not find mine. Being alone in this place, I have had a lot of time thinking about the journey of life, my goals, my ideas, my mission....

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