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Alleys and Walls

Here People build alleys. Houses are connected. Wall to Wall. Yet they are all different, each house or apartment has its own design. No one seems to be obsessed with wide open spaces. Here They don't believe in spaces. They believe in narrow alleys that bring people closer. They believe in thin
walls. But walls here are not walls. They are vertical bridges. they are built to connect not to separate. Here you ask some one you don't know, what does he/she do? or Where does he/she coming from. Here, People don't want to be millionaires. They just want to raise their kids.
They have talk shows here too. But instead of discussion the bedroom stories of some actor or actress, they discuss important problems, Physicians, Artists, Thinkers, come and talk about ideas.
Like the song says: "Sometimes you wanna go where every body knows your name,and they always glad you came."

It has been snowing for three days! It is pretty. Every where is white, Cars are not afraid of snow any more. Even though their tires skid and skid and roll, hopelessly without moving them ahead.

I asked someone in an office supply store if he has a laser pointer. He told me that Authorities, banned them, since people kept using them in harmful ways.

No lawsuit is needed. The authorities did what they were paid to do.
Of course Over there, they are doing the same. It is just that, people aren't' the ones who
are paying them. The ones that do, get what they pay for.

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