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What's wrong with the world ?

What's wrong with the world ? Why doesn't any body stay at one place any more?
Why do people say things they don't believe in? Why do people loose their belief their emotions, their faith? Why do people make promises they don't intend to keep?
Why do people feel a certain way today and feel completely opposite to that the next?

Why don't people stay true to their word to their heart and to their feelings?

I never asked for too much. I only asked to share an hour, to share a place as small as palm of hand. Is it too much to ask?

I didn't ask for clouds to be nailed to sky. I only asked for the tree to stay at the same place.
I didn't ask for water to stay blue. I only asked for blood to stay red.
I didn't ask for the leaf to stay green but only if I could keep the sky the same color.

What am I going to do now? What am I going to believe in?

Can somebody tell me if a red rose is red? Can someone tell me If I see the moon to be white tonight, Can I still expect it to be white tomorrow night? and the night after that?

It is easier to ly down on a bench and ask yourself if it is worth it to ever get up.

Here is a problem, For How long a happy guy would be free falling happily after jumping of the roof top of a 16 story building? (Hint: It doesn't matter how heavy he is)

Answer: Eternity.

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