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The Idea of Depth.

An important point is the idea of depth. The world around us, wheather the human affair world, or the material world, is enormously complicated. It is however enormously well organized. One of the ways that the world has organized itself, is in layers. The true nature of the world has a layer-wise organization to it. There is a sensorial layer, that is the part of the world that we sense. then there is cognizant layer. that is a simple picture which our brain puts together and it is the way every human understands what's around it. But then there are layers after layers of truth. Human beings, at least the interesting ones, are not simple. Even the ones that we tend to think of as shallow and trivial are not as simple and as trivial as we may think of them.

Sometimes people hear that this or that person committed suicide and it just comes as a shock to them. It then turns out that the person they thought they knew had some amazing aspects to his/her personality.

If we just sit down and think about all the ways that the world has been structured, we will be awed at how amazing this world really is.

We must, absolutely must keep in mind, that there just might be more to this thing or this person that meets the eye. Sometimes it is just what it seems to be. well, bad luck I guess, shallow people and shallow things happen to. But every once a while you can find something deep about universe.

Like my advisor told me, "Dig Deeper"

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