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On Wage Slavery, Control & Production Mentality.

The society we're living in is NOT free and it will never be. The only thing in an industrialized
country like US that is different from a country like IRAN, is that there is a large amount of
propaganda and brain-washing that is going on.

You get constantly infuriated by the continuous and non-stop insult to your intelligence.
They keep telling you that you are important for them that you are appreciated that you
have no better option that you should do this or that because this famous or rich guy does it.
That the government is right no matter what. That although you have "freedom of speech"
you should never use it, because it is not appropriate, unless of course you are using it, in
a certain capacity that provides for MONEY for you or your employers.

The reporters have the freedom, unless they say something that could potentially hurt
their employer's bottomline, the comedians have it, because hey, it won't hurt any one
and it would make money for the networks.

Cursing is bad, unless you do it on TV or a movie, that is you can't curse unless, your
cursing could make somebody enormous MONEY. Then you can curse as much as you
want, unless it turns out that your cursing is loosing somebody MONEY in which case
you must cease and desist.

If you happen to possess a certain degree of intellect beyond what a circus animal has,
meaning if you are clever enough not to fall for "conditioning your behavior by carrot-and-
stick approach, if you are clever enough not to be patronized and not to swallow the
propaganda and deception then you are bad, very bad. You will be isolated, you will be
treated with contempt, you will be treated as someone who is not a team-player, you are
a trouble-maker, you are an un-american, anti-american, enemy appeaser.

If you care for all human beings, whether they are jew, muslim or christian or even
agnostic or athiest, then you are a moral relativist, Nazi appologist, holocaust denier,
anti-semite, rabid enemy of god or Allah, source of corruption on earth, traitor, enemy comforter and blah blah.

Lies are coming out from the liers who tell them without remorse or regret.

Well, I tell you what, I will never let them control my mind, I will go to my grave
a lonely, poor, misunderstood man, having never relinquished my moral integrity
or my intelligence.

Whoever you are, you can never tell me to do what I don't believe in.

I am not going to be enslaved just because I am a paid worker.
I sleep on the streets, if I have to. Like a wild bird, who would never feel sorry for itself.
who would never accept the confinement of a cage for prepared food, who would never
be painted in any color but the color he was born with.

If you give me money you are entitled to get service from me
I will work after-hours, before hours, late in night, weekend and weekdays to get your work
done to your satisfaction and if I can't I will return your money to you and apologize.
I will respect whoever that works with me and if I make a mistake and offend any one,
I will apologize to whoever he or she is. THIS is my work ethics.
your concerns about how I spend my lunch time or whether or not I talk politics
in my lunch break, is NOT part of my work ethics and I will not be terribly concerned
about that.

Attempts to make me work in absolute unrelenting uniformity will fail, to my detriment
I suppose. I am not an automaton, and I will refuse to be one.
I am not a school child, and I will refuse to act like one.
I am not a wage slave, I am an intelligent human being, and I demand to be treated like one.

When I was born, I was born a free human being.
I intend to die as one.

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me گفت...

As usual I totally agree. In Iran you can see and feel the iron bars of a cage;however, here they are too smart to do that. It is like an invisible web, so subtle, so delicate....

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Read my notes here, you'll know all you need to know.