پنجشنبه، اسفند ۲۴، ۱۳۸۵

Time for a better world & happy new year

The Nature has turned a page, whether you are in Northern hemisphere or Southern.

I'd say the most important mission of any human being is to contribute to the making
of a better world.

A world free of repression, a world free of unnecessary pain, a world free of cruelty.

If you believe in this, really believe in this you will stop being cruel to people around you.
you would start thinking, how would I want to be treated.

Do you want to be lied to? Do you want people to spread slander and lies about you behind your back?

Do you want your house to be demolished ? you land taken away from you, your loved ones
to be killed or bombed or burned or raped or tortured ?

Do You?

Then stand against it, And For heaven's sakes, BE HONEST.
Do not selectively practice humanitarian intervention.
If it is wrong in Darfur, then it's wrong
in Palestine, then it's wrong in Iraq, and Chechnia.

We need to polish our sense of morality. We need to understand, absorb and internalize
"the principle of universality". This is going to save us all. If we throughly from the depth of
our heart and soul, practice what we so readily preach, If we stand on our word and our
promise and our commitments and our decisions, even when it's painful and hard for us,
then we have saved ourselves and we have turned one small part of this world to a
a better, brighter and more beautiful place.

You start from yourself, your family and your friends, your fellow countrymen and women,
and you extend that to every one. e v e r y o n e !

But remember to be practical, you have to pick your battles, you pick the ones, you can win
and the ones that winning is most effective in reducing pain and suffering.
At the same time, I keep in mind, I am responsible for my own actions and the actions of the government that is being run
with my tax money. I am responsible for my decisions and my words.
To the extent that I am privileged, I have moral responsibility.

Don't expect any one to appreciate you ! People will hurt you, It's a fact of life.

Some of them will lie, cheat and steal, and when they are caught with their hands
in your friend's pocket, they will scream thief thief, pointing at you.

Some of them will insult your intelligence and steal every last sweatness out of your life,
Some of them may defame you, behind your back, and spread slander about you, all
for a moment worth of stupid pleasure.

How should one respond to such cruelty ? well, in my humble opinion
It depends,
Sometimes it's beneath one's dignity to respond to foolishness.
Sometimes you have to go out all guns blazing, and fight to the very last drop of
your blood, and sometimes you just have to walk away.

If it's dignified to walk away, then w a l k a w a y.

Take your pain and stuff it into your back-bag, throw it on your shoulder,
wipe your teardrops from your face, stand tall, chest forward and take the open road
and remember, It doesn't matter.

There are some people who want to take this world and turn in to an ugly and disgusting
place, I will fight them if I have to to, but I prefer to just mind my own business.

and what I want to do, is to contribute to the making of a better world.

Listen every body, It's a new year, It's time for a better world,

A better world for you,
A better world for me,
and a better for world for every one,

e v e r y o n e.

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