شنبه، اردیبهشت ۲۲، ۱۳۸۶


If happiness is having what you wanted to have, then I am on the verge of being happy.
I travelled across oceans to have this, and I have it now, no one can take it away from me !
I earned it by the virtue of my determination. They threw at me every thing they've got,
and I took them all and then said, "What else you've got ?"

I keep thanking God, since I believe he directly intervened to make things favourable to me.
He made this happen !

Today I stand a free man, looking over the horizon, wondering, having conqured the
biggest challenge of my life, what else I can do if I work hard at it?

I am going to put together the pieces of my shattered life and I am going to give my
body a chance to re-group and re-vitalize itself.

But there is one piece of the puzzle that is missing. I am happy but I won't be truly happy,
if I am the only one who is happy, I have to create happiness to be happy, I have to share
this happiness with someone, Sure I am sharing it with my family, Not Enough Though!
The More the Merrier,

I proved myself to be a relentless fighter, to fight to the bitter end and to achieve my objective.

It was tough for sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I did what I came to this country to do.

Today, I stand tall.

It is not Enough though. I am already looking for bigger challenges.

Stay Tuned. I have just begun.

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