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Overcoming Despair

You can defeat armies. You can take cities. You can amass wealth, or stand against rising waters. You might resolve to run in the face of pouring rain or sail in the eye of storm. There is a way to do all these and more, but How do you get through a nation that has given up on itself? How do you penetrate layers of despair one on top of the other, thick and strong. How do you poke a hole in a curtain that has not seen the light of day for hundreds of years and let the sun shine through.

How do you find that sweet spot in the soul of nation that is burning with eternal flame and pour gasoline on it, and set the spirit of an entire nation ablaze ? How ? How do you get the bells to sound so loud and with such a frequency that the whole nation resonates with you and rise up to dance? To dance one more time with the music of cosmos. To stand on its two feet and say, I exist. I am a legend. I am history, I am geography. I am now, I AM.

How do you get every one to channel their forces into the same channel and focus their energies onto the same spot, until that channel explodes and that spot burns right through?

The Power is in the numbers. Governments know that. Systems of power and domination have devised ways, matriculate processes to dominate a population of superior number and resources. The first rule of thumb is to divide them so that they can't cooperate and coordinate. That requires total information dominance. The ability of any one person to contact and communicate a large group of people at once, is a frightening thing. Every time that a large group of people listen to one person, that one person can take the role of coordinator. Coordination, Organization and Cooperation are dangerous words. But their danger is not intrinsic. That's why Systems of power allow organizations as long as those organizations can be manipulated or rendered useless.

The second rule of thumb is to achieve total psychological dominance. That means you have to have the power to immerse the population in a psychological fluid that permeates your entire environment. You have to saturate the airways, and all channels of information, to the point that people eat, drink and breath the stuff, to the point that they go to bed with them and get up with them. The power to shape opinion. that's an awesome power.

The third step is to destroy the will of your people to even attempt at standing up and you do that by instilling fear. You send somebody to the house of your adversary and you have his entire family murdered, you kill women and children and their dogs too, and you make it as horrific as you can. By doing so you increase the risk of any attempt at resistance to such level, that you kill the intent and destroy the determination of your enemy.

So to re-cap, Prevent cooperation, Achieve domination of information, psychology and shaping opinion, and just to be sure Demoralize your enemy by instilling fear thereby destroying intent.

When you achieved all three, you will create despair. A nation that looses hope, looses every thing, then it doesn't matter what you do. They won't do any thing, even if you lose domination. You can be as hapless and defenseless, once despair has set in, you are only required to keep the perception of power.

Despair is the most effective weapon of all. All else are means to this end. To overcome the power that destroying you, You have to confront, engage and destroy Despair. The key to a successful campaign of liberation is to overcome despair. And to do that, you have to go back to basic. You have to undo what has been done.

Remember for you to win, They have to loose once, But for you to loose, they have to win every time. No body can win every time, No body.

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