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Death to Hooliganism !

 A Hooligan is a member of a group, who want something entirely unacceptable, and whose numbers are few and far between, but what they lack in numbers and in sanity of their ideas, they make up for by the loudness of their voice.
Their motto is that, we keep shouting until all opposing voices are suffocated in our voices, we keep repeating the lies with as loud a voice as we can until every one who wants to expose the lie, trembles in fear and shuts up.
Most Hooligans know what they want is wrong, but as long as they win, they don't care.  Nothing matters to them, neither moral, nor religious, nor ethical, nor the amount of harm they cause, to themselves and to others matters.
 Once Hooliganism is set in, Nothing else matters.
 The Hooligans are parasites, and exhibit parasitic behavior. The Hooligans are hijackers of the society at large. They are rude, and uncivilized, even when they wear five thousand dollar suites.
The tool of their trade is a pernicious sense of entitlement to things no one is entitled to.
Because their demands are irrational and harmful, and because they know it, they have to make up lies after lies.

The US government engaged in Hooliganism to create an atmosphere of fear so that the US can enter the World War I, over the opposition of its citizenry.  The Nazis were Hooligans per excellence, They first created the "Brownshirts", itself a dangerous band of Hooligans and then when their tugs achieved what was expected of them, the Nazis slaughtered them in the so called "night of the long knives".  The examples are abound, the Ku Klux Klans were prime example of Hooligans, so were Mobs and Mafias, so are the Zionists who exhibit the Mob like characteristics.

The Hooligans abuse and hijack freedom in general and political and speech freedom in particular, to achieve their means. They use and abuse all forms of communication.

They are a threat to civilization itself. They are a menace to humanity and decency. 

The solution to Hooliganism is not always straightforward. This phenomenon has to be approached with care and attention to details. The Hooligans are usually petty criminals who have used other venues, if that can be proven, it is easy to arrest them and put away.

But it is important that we do not destroy the very freedoms we are trying to save. Dealing with the precise prescription for this malady is not within the scope of the current writing, but it is important that the civilized members of a victimized society take collective action to confront the problem of Hooligans and Hooliganism.

The most important thing is that a civilized society should never give in to their demands. Never. Let them shout, Let them scream profanity from the top of their lungs. Never give in to them. 
Never give in to Hooliganism.

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