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On Being a Nonconformist

What's my problem? I don't have any! I have opinions ! some of them are informed and analytic. Some are aesthetic. And some perhaps are down right wrong.
It goes without saying that there is a tendency in people of any society (including professional societies) to act in a similar manner and to follow certain norms.
When a person tries to define his/her own identity out of a sudden all hell breaks loose. In societies with strong and historical solidarity, (like Iran and most eastern places) Other people may try to exert friendly pressure to bring one in the line.

I believe some cultural values and traditions must be oberved. Otherwise the community looses it's identity and desolves into nothingness. Once time-tested values are abandoned, the members are ready to be influenced, exploited and transformed.

But then there are other things. I reject conformism when it is not harmful to the socio-cultural values.

In intellectual societies conformism is often equivalent to surrendering to dogma.
No intellectual can live with honesty and integrity if he/she abandones certain principles. Objectivity and demanding evidence and subjecting arguments to reason and analysis are some of these. Any norm in any professional/intellectual society that does not adhere to simple principles of this sort must be broken and new norms must be established.

There are subtle forms of coercing people into conforming. Like Boycotting or isolation. I simply do not submit to unreasonable pressure. No one can dictate to me
what I should belive in or how I should arrange my priorities.
I simply will not make any decision on the basis of the opinions of others. Whatever they may be. I would however change any aspect of my life that can be argued to be undesireable, based on some sort of criteria of desirablitity which is acceptable to me.

I am the captain of my ship. I'll take it any where I want to. If it is needed
through the troubled waters. I am in charge of this situation. To the extent that
I am in control, the situation will be handled accoring to my believes, principles and capabilities.

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Fatema گفت...

you are safe and comfortable until you move through the regular routine road all society members pass,,, but, as soon as you decide to leave this road and use your own opinions to manage your own life, the strong power of stream that used to push you forward and and keep you safe, will act against you now!! this is the story. but I think its still worth it, you will have to spend more energy and more time, but live a life that you've always wanted :)

me گفت...

You are so blessed to have such firm criteria of your own, to be always in charge. However, sometimes it is fine to lose control; just to see where your ship will end. Maybe I am too tired of having my own ideas and fighting for them around the clock.

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